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There are a lot of websites with guitar tabs to songs ((and very little chords)) that it's so hard to choose from them all; and sometimes you can't track down the song you're looking for. Knock on Strings is a community for musicians/performers/interested people ((no I will not say "persons")) to share music. I'm not talking about illegal downloads to audio. Sheet music; chords; tabs. The written music that not only guitar players can look at but also other instrumentalists.

Communities I like
anthonywarlow: A community for Anthony Warlow. If you have not heard this beautiful baritone's voice, you're missing a lot.
creativerecipes: A community for those who love to cook to share ideas. Mmmm ...
david_hobson A community for David Hobson. Australian tenor with a unique voice, worth the hearing.

Sites I like
: A really good Alan Rickman site. Visit it. I dare you.
: My Anthony Warlow fan forum. I gotta alter this button though, lol.